Slim’s Memorial Stone
Pay tribute to your cherished ones with personalized memorial stones that serve as enduring symbols of love and memory. Allow us to accompany you on the journey of honoring your loved ones with the highest level of dignity and grace.
About Us
Slim’s Memorial Stone
Pay tribute to your cherished ones with personalized memorial stones that serve as enduring symbols of love and memory. Allow us to accompany you on the journey of honoring your loved ones with the highest level of dignity and grace.
About Us

Welcome to Slim's Memorial Stone

At Slim’s Memorial Stone, we bring a legacy of expertise, reliability, and unparalleled value to the table. As a family-run business in the Metro Detroit region, we specialize in creating a range of memorial items including headstones, ledger grave markers, and various other commemorative pieces. Our mission is to provide industry-leading quality with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Each monument we create undergoes rigorous quality control and reflects our commitment to superior craftsmanship and exceptional customer service.

Civic Monuments

Our civic monuments stand as lasting symbols of community pride, heritage, and collective memory, skillfully designed to make an impactful statement.


Our monuments are expertly crafted to serve as enduring tributes, capturing the essence of your loved one for generations to come.

Porcelain Color Photos

Add a personal touch to your memorial with our stunning porcelain color photos, capturing the vibrancy and uniqueness of your loved one's life in remarkable detail.

Installation Services

For your convenience, we offer specialized installation and delivery services at an additional fee, to ensure your memorial is perfectly placed to honor your loved one.

Headstone & Grave Markers

Our headstones and grave markers serve as lasting tributes, often engraved with names, dates, and personal messages to commemorate a life lived.

Cremation Memorials

Discover our beautifully crafted cremation memorials, the perfect tribute to honor your loved ones and keep their memories alive in a meaningful way.

Ceramic and Etched Photos

Enhance your memorial with our high-quality ceramic and etched photos for a personal touch.

Memorial Benches

Our memorial benches provide a serene, functional tribute, allow visitors to reflect and remember your loved ones in a peaceful setting.

Headstone Sizes

All monuments are custom made and we will gladly provide you a price quote from the information that is sent to us.

Single Headstone

Double Headstone

Family Headstone

Slant Headstone

Headstones Selection

Shop our massive selection of headstones and gravestones.

Memorial Stone Restoration


Slim’s Memorial Stone

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Specialize in Memorial Stone Restoration!

Service Included:

– Cleaning
– Repainting
– Polishing

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-اعادة دهن 


Purchasing a Headstone

How to Order

1. Pick a headstone design and color.
2. Provide the Text and Photo (optional)
2. We’ll send you a price quote.
3. We’ll install it in the cemetery.

Whether your aesthetic leans towards the simplistic, the elegant, or the intricate, we have the expertise to create a memorial that resonates with your personal taste. Our inventory features an array of sizes, styles, colors, and finishes to choose from.

Our dedicated team is here to help you select the ideal granite headstone to honor your loved one’s memory. 

Our comprehensive collection proudly includes a diverse range of grave markers and memorials designed to celebrate your loved one’s life. Our standard options encompass Single Headstones, Double Headstones, Family Headstones, and Slant Headstones.

For those seeking alternatives to traditional headstones, we also offer an assortment of cemetery markers, available in granite, bronze, and laser-engraved styles. If you wish to customize or create a more personalized memorial, our team stands ready to collaborate with you.

If you’re in search of a design that uniquely symbolizes your loved one, we provide a curated range of headstones featuring heart shapes, religious symbols, and floral designs to add a personal touch to their memorial.

Beyond our assortment of grave markers, Slim’s Memorial Stone takes pride in offering supplementary products such as Ceramic and etched Photos, Civic Monuments, Cremation Memorials, Memorial Benches, Monuments and Porcelain color photos

At Slim’s Memorial Stone, we’re committed to delivering quality headstones at prices that respect your budget. Whether you need guidance in selecting the type of headstone, or assistance with choosing the material and color, our team is always on hand to help you navigate the selection process.

We can engrave in any language!

Get commonly asked questions about selecting the perfect memorial stone, our customization options, and our business practice. 

What kind of marble do you offer? In what colors and what sizes are available?

We offer a variety of colors as shown under the Catalog Page. All Monuments are customizable in design, sizes and text based on client’s specifications.

Will you do inscriptions in ENG/Arabic only? Or Also Urdu, Persian, etc.

We have the ability and resources to accommodate any language

Do you provide any additional services, such as customization, engraving, or installation services?

We have the ability and resources to customize and engrave monuments/memorial stones based on client's specifications if allowed by the rules and regulations of the cemetery the deceased will be buried in. We can also create and customize the style and design of the actual tombstone itself.

Shipping/Delivery info

Installation is offered in metro Detroit and surrounding areas

Do you work or collaborate directly with any funeral services or janazah services in the area?

- We do not collaborate with any funeral services or janazah services as of now. We will work on collaborating with surrounding Mosques, Churches, and Sinagogue.

Which areas do you serve?

We install in Metro Detroit and surrounding areas. We can provide shipping at client’s expense and we will not hold responsible if tombstone is damaged upon arriving to its destination.